Study in Ireland: a welcoming and advanced country.


Ireand has a long history in the field of education that continues to this day. Some recent studies verify that the proportion in Irish schools is low, with groups of about seventeen students per class and teacher.


Choosing Ireland for a term or an academic year is a very successful option for our sons and daughters, because we are talking about a country with customs similar to ours, where integration is fast, where families are characterized by their hospitality and the education.


The system is similar to ours, which facilitates the adaptation of students, whether they attend a semester or if they attend the entire course.

Mapa de irlanda

The figures demonstrate the high level of education provided and rank Ireland as one of the top secondary education destinations in Europe. Therefore, the Irish government has committed to investig in the internationalization of the education system and Ireland, in recent years, has become an increasingly popular destination for foreign students. Today, the Irish education system is considered one of the most comprehensive in Europe, as it is a practical education focused on developing personal and professional skills. Students receive a quality education in a safe environment.


In Ireland we offer the possibility of staying in or near a large city, such as Dublin, with a meticulous and careful monitoring, or to stay in an average city, such as Waterford, with a quiet atmsphere and a completly personalized monitoring. The difference between one option and another will depend, above all, on the student’s state of mind, their way of being and the competencies they must acquire to develop each and every one of their skills and abilities.


Be that as it may, Irish families are known for their hospitality and a warm welcome. While in Dublin the diversity of families is greater in Waterford, the program ensures that the family has a son or daughter of a similar age to that of the participant, which facilitates adaptation, not only in the family, but in the environment and at school.


All stays include English classes to prepare for Cambridge exams, one-on-one tutoring and 24-hour emergency assistance. However, depending on the chosen area, the stay also includes extracurricular activities, weekend outings, tuition, books and the school uniform.


IDee, together with the Irish entities, work to make the stay of our participants as successful as possible, so that they have an experience that they do not forget and that contributes to their academic and personal growth and the development of so-called soft skills, so that can be rejoined on the return with total ease.

Immersion in the Canadian school

The Irish study system is very similar to ours. It lasts for nine months (from September to June). It is divided into three terms and has two vacation periods during the school year that coincide with the Christmas and Easter holidays. In addition, during the first and second trimesters there is a stop that lasts for one week. Personalized, cooperative, and project-based learning is encouraged, but the teacher is free to apply whatever method he or she thinks best suits the group. The development of transversal competences, the use of ICT and practical learning are key pieces of this study system.

Immersion in the school

The fact that the educational system in Ireland is so similar to ours allows foreign students to join any Irish school for a term, so they do a partial immersion and finish the course in their school of origin as normal and without any kind of complication. In this way they can improve not only their level of English, but also develop soft skills, which will allow them to achieve success later, since the capacity for effort and improvement will be tools that they will have achieved. The resources and competencies reached by the students who choose this option enable them to develop any project. The fact of spending a term in a foreign country implies acceptance or respect for a different culture, the possibility of coexistence with people who have other points of view, since they not only have to adapt to a different school, but they must do so with a new family. This set is what makes them tolerant, supportive and empathetic people.




In Dublin we work with local coordinators who from Ireland ensure the proper functioning of our programs and with whom we permanently maintain contact to follow up with our participants. This entity is responsible for the selection of schools and families, always under the supervision of IDee, and ensures that both the academic aspect and the staff have the same value when choosing a center and accommodation.




This program is managed together with the local coordinators who make a completely personalized follow-up of the stay of our participants. Accommodation in carefully chosen families, with children of the same age as our students, the type of city, medium and quiet, and the immersion reinforced with an intensive English program, make this option optimal from day one. In addition, the stay is complemented by cultural and sports activities, visits to emblematic places in Ireland, which further facilitate the integration of our participants.


All the information regarding the details of the trip and the stay, the rates and the cancellation conditions are offered in a personalized way when you contact us.