Spain is the world’s leading holiday tourism destination and the second most visited country in the world.

A hugely popular place for tourists, Spain is a beautiful country filled with a rich history and dynamic culture. The influence of the once magnificent Spanish Empire can still be seen through the country’s stunning cathedrals, gourmet food, and brilliant art and music.

Now, with the 14th largest economy in the world by GDP, Spain has established itself again as a major hub of international business and boasts an extremely well-established automobile industry. Interns in Spain will have the opportunity to live and work in a center of European business and culture, all while practicing the third most widely spoken language of the world.


Why Lleida?


Urban forest park (‘La Mitjana’) in the middle of city, monuments, green spaces, former salt mines near, Montsec astronomical park (with one of the best planetariums in the world), University of Lleida (UDL is a very prestigious University). The city: medium size town with an interesting site to visit. Lleida has very good connections with the most important towns in Spain (Barcelona, Madrid, Bilbao, Zaragoza…) and with many tourist attractions (beaches, mountains, theme parks…). People and society: friendship people, music, museums, theatre, cinema, wine routes, a huge gastronomic festival (‘Aplec del caragol’)…


Cuisine, restoration, shopping, nightlife, tourism in Lleida.


We can help the students, teachers and schools to look for the most suitable accommodation Hotels, Hostel or apartments (around 450-600 a month). It is cheap to stay in Lleida. If your internship program is linked to the University of Lleida, then you will be eligible to apply to the University Residences accommodation.


The good weather enjoyed in Lleida in autumn and spring invites visitors to walk around the city and its streets, brimming with tradition and culture. The city of Lleida, with its continental climate, has steady seasonal temperatures, although there is a big difference between the seasons. Its average temperature figures range from 26 degrees Centigrade in summer to 7 degrees in Winter.

How to get around in Lleida:

Lleida has 16 bus routes providing excellent communications betweeen the diferent parts of the city.

CATALONIA: Nature, fun and art.

A historical region with a great cultural and natural heritage.

It is an autonomous community that is also a historical nationality, and one of those that still has its own language, Catalan, in Spanish territory. With a past which it was during the centuries of the independent kingdom, this region is located in a privileged enclave in terms of communications, landscape and culture. The Catalan community is located in the northeast of the Iberian Peninsula, on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea and bordering France on the north, the country from which the Pyrenees separate it. It has 580 square kilometers of extension divided into four provinces: Barcelona, Tarragona, Lleida and Girona. Its lands are inhabited by around seven and a half million people, and you can find both natural treasures (in the form of exceptional reserves and natural parks) as well as artistic, urban, cultural and gastronomic treasures.

The capital of the Community is also one of the most active cities in the Spanish State. Barcelona is a city with an international vocation, in which commerce, industry and cultural life are located by any of the arteries that register the city. Leading in matters such as design or art. Barcelona has hosted important events in our country; It should be noted that it is the only Spanish city that has hosted the Olympic Games. And as far as sports are concerned, we can also point out that the passion of the Catalan holding the Formula 1 Spanish Grand Prix every year, and the Grand Prix of Catalonia of Motorcycling, both tests integral to the World Cups of each specialty.

But there is much more to see in Catalonia apart from beautiful Barcelona. Each province has its own treasures, both in terms of a culture and in terms of a landscape setting or nature reserves. If in Barcelona, in addition to the capital, we can visit such special and emblematic places as the Montserrat Mountain, Lérida is the region of romantic art par excellence. The Lleida Pyrenees is home to a magnificent route, with the highest concentration of samples of this art in the world. Tarragona has an exceptional coast, called Costa Daurada (or Dorada), full of long beaches and calm blue waters; It’s also a land of Roman heritage, with many archaeological remains that testify to it. As for Girona, in addition to having a beautiful city classified over the years as the best in Spain to live in, it is the province of the Costa Brava, a beautiful coastline of coves, rocks and beautiful mansions, protected from the inside by extensions of the Ampurdán.

We are not going to be wrong if we say that Catalonia has everything. In addition to wonderful places to visit, we will find a famous gastronomic tradition around the world, with dishes that have travelled through the best restaurants on the planet and that will not leave any traveler indifferent. Its intense cultural life is also reflected in its traditions and festive calendar, which make any time of year suitable for a route through Catalonia. No lover of nature, fun and art should stop touring their territory; sure to repeat.