What to expect from your Internship Program in Lleida.

Internships in Lleida are for university and college students, as well as recent graduates, and young professionals looking to transition from a classroom into their career. The program provides an opportunity to be involved in one of Europe’s most international land vibrant cities, where you can thrive on energy of the city and its people all while having the support of a well established and trusted international organization.

Along with your fellow interns on the program, you will also connect with local professionals in your career field at your internship placement, as well as those in the broader community through our career and social events. You’ll find the work atmosphere is much more casual in Barcelona than many other global cities. Dress codes are rarely formal, and the organizational structure of many companies is not very hierarchical. It’s also a welcoming, inclusive culture where most colleagues eat meals together which helps interns acclimate to their new team and get to spend time learning about the local culture. Since lunch is late in the day (around 2 pm) and dinner is as well (typically 9-10 pm) most people take time after work to enjoy a stroll, work out, go to the market, and wing down.

Being in such a vivacious, collaborative culture is step one to expanding your network, enhancing your skill-set and creating the experience of a lifetime. Viva Lleida!

Enhance your resume while expanding your horizons.

Enjoy a custom internship in a city that uniquely combines business and beaches. Jon our Intern in Barcelona program to gain relevant, career-oriented experience while enjoying the best of this vibrant, multi-faceted city: Spanish cultural immersion, proximity to a coast line of white sand beaches, and an exciting cosmopolitan city that never sleeps. A strong internship support structure, with mentorship meetings over coffee, networking events, and workshops help you maximize your internship and prepare you to frame the experience on your resume. Even better, your placement connects you with locals so you can choose to go all in on the Spanish immersion.


– Internships that accommodate all levels of Spanish language proficiency.

– Day trips included to places such as Sitges, Tarragona, the Dali Museum, or Girona.

– 100+ customized internship placements available in many fields.

– Optional weekend excursion to places such as Morocco, Valencia or Costa Brava.

– Develop an international network with professional contacts and references.