In Early childhood or Social integration

 For 1 year
 SOLIDARITY CORPS From 18 to 30 years old
 Start: from July 2023 at any time, we have availability


Degree in the Early childhood or Social integration

English level for communication B1/B2

Availability 1 year

Submit the registration form and documents before 20 th June


In the contract we have 38 hours. 6 hours of which are language classes. Every Monday and Tuesday from 9am to 12pm, our volunteers have German lessons. We have two teachers who work with our volunteers. In addition, volunteers are enrolled in the online language course. One hour every Monday at 12.30 pm, they have a conversation with the mentor, i.e. with me. We count the language course and one hour with the mentor as working time. So they will work a maximum of 31 hours.Once we have agreed on everything, we make a joint appointment with the management and discuss everything, including working hours, of course. The times can be adjusted. We are on a friendship basis. If there are also less working hours, then that is also ok. It has to suit both of us.

Transport costs.

The volunteers also get the bus monthly ticket extra for the volunteers.

Language course

As mentioned above, our volunteers receive 6 hours of language training per week. It is not necessary that they speak German. However, they must be able to speak English. Otherwise, we are glad to have a new language with us. That's where we see the advantage for our children. The volunteers also get an online language course. It is also provided by the project.


We have two mentors, me and my colleague Nurschat. We work as a team. Nurschat also teaches the language and lives next to the house where the volunteers live and can also help quickly in case of an emergency.

Financial issues

All volunteers get 150 Euro pocket money, meal money – 9.01 per day. In the crèche, the volunteers can choose whether they want to eatthe centre or receive th money.

All your main expenses are covered by Solidarity corps

main trip, accommodation, food, language course

There are 2 crèches:

Exactly the same with the kindergarden:

Bad Essen is an area of beatiful natural beauty


1. Fill the form before 20 th June (Selection the volunteering program)

2. Attach the correct Documents in the Form ( CV in English, Spanish and a motivation letter)

3. We wil contact you for an interview – video call, to see you social abilities, maturity..

For the selection of the participants we will take into account, the curriculum, the studies, the social abilities and maturity, and finally the level of English and if you have any knowledge of German.